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19 May 2014 @ 12:37 pm
Handmade Empire Waist JSK!  
I've been sewing! I found a nice material that I thought would make for a nice summer/fall JSK. It's an empire waist cut, with a detachable brown bow. I was able to use the last bit of some cream colored lace I had, which worked out nicely with this material.

I'm calling this a prototype dress, as it's my first time making one in this style. It is completely unlined with some raw edges inside the dress. It has sheering on the back to give some nice stretch.  I need to finish sewing on the rose buttons to the front, and just making touch ups here and there before I'll feel comfortable selling it. I even have enough material to make a little headdress or bow, so that'll be next :) I'll be posting this in egl-comm-sales, and/or my etsy when it's done.

My challenge was definitely the gathering of the skirt part, and attaching that to the bodice part. Next time will be even better I hope ^^

Definitely my favorite part of the dress...the 2 styles of lace, and ruffles on the front!
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